Martin Grosswendt

Country blues, bottleneck and finger-busting guitar, offered up with powerful voice, deep soul and wry humor

Latest News

Latest News

Music Camps this Summer

Martin will be teaching on both coasts and in England this summer!

Ragpicker String Band to tour Oregon and British Columbia

The Ragpicker String Band (Martin Grosswendt, Rich DelGrosso and Mary Flower) will appear at several festivals in Oregon and British Columbia in July.

Roots Music Distance Learning

Martin is now teaching private students internationally via FaceTime and Skype.

Welcome . . .

Martin Grosswendt has been exploring the roots and branches of American acoustic music for more than 40 years.  A master of pre-war blues and other southern traditional music, his fingerpicking, bottleneck playing and singing amaze and move audiences, critics and musicians alike.  He’s known at festivals, concert venues and music camps across the U.S., and his instrumental and vocal skills are matched by his knowledge of the music’s sources and creators, whose stories he weaves into every performance.  He’s also a dedicated and passionate teacher, committed to keeping the music alive. Get to know Martin Grosswendt’s music — you’ll be glad that you did.


In the world of American roots music, Martin Grosswendt is a national treasure. He’s authentic in performance, generous in teaching, and genuine to the core. He has an old soul. No way could he be the great musician he is without one.
— Phil Zimmerman, Bluegrass Music Director, Music Camps North, author of Bluegrass Time


He’s one of the best fingerpickers I ever heard play.
— David Bromberg